Preparatory Department

    • If you want to achieve high results and become a grant holder, then go through the courses of our Preparatory Department

      We offer the following courses:

      • English-World History
      • Biology-Chemistry
      • Physics and Mathematics

      You will study:

      Compulsory disciplines:

      • "History of Kazakhstan"
      • "English"
      • "Reading literacy"
      • "Mathematical literacy»

      Profile subjects:

      • "Kazakh language and literature"
      • "Mathematics"
      • "World history"
      • "Biology"
      • "Chemistry"
      • "Geography"
      • "Physics"
      • "English»

      The training period is 10 months. Students are provided with a dormitory. Upon completion of training, student gets a certificate of the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University.


      Test results 

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      Cost of training